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Do you want to stay in shape whilst pregnant and then get your body afterwards well….

Pre–Natal women need to adjust their pregnancy exercise programmes to make sure they are looking after not only their own health, but that of their baby too. Whilst the baby is growing and developing, pregnancy exercises need to be tailored to make sure both mother and baby have the safest workout. Fitness does not stop after the baby is born. There are many physiological and anatomical changes that occur both pre and post pregnancy and we focus on creating workouts which are not only effective, but safe too. With an effective fitness programme, many of the concerns can be addressed to ensure mothers have a safe and healthy pregnancy and a quick return to full fitness after birth.

There is no doubt that exercise is good for both mother and baby subject to medical consent and the absence of any contraindications.

Looking for a personal fitness trainer? Hire Sharon as your personal trainer she covers many aspects from diet programs, exercise classes for pregnant women, group fitness training, weight loss, prenatal classes, dieting advice so for fitness at home or in your gym Sharon can accommodate as a professional personal trainer she is your first choice mobile personal trainer in Halifax, Yorkshire.

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