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Philip and Marilyn

Who are we? We are Philip and Marilyn. Two middle – aged people who up to 8 months ago thought a good time was sitting on the sofa after a day at work munching our way through crisps and chocolate – and the occasional walk to keep fit! One evening we realised we couldn’t go on like this. We had tried and failed many times. What we needed was someone to keep us motivated. We actually admitted to ourselves we were fat and unfit!

This was the big step that led to bigger – and faster steps. Sharon, our personal trainer was awesome! She guided us through the change in lifestyle and challenged us with exercise to keep us motivated; helping us recognise that what we ate determines how our bodies utilise that fuel. Each week she pushed us that bit further and kept our enthusiasm on the boil. The exercising started with a workout supported by exercising on our own during the week.

But as the months went by, our weight dropped off, our fitness improved and we found ourselves running. Yes, actually enjoying it too!! Our lifestyle changes affected our eating habits too. Sharon gave us helpful tips on eating and we cut out processed foods.

So, where are we now? Well, having lost a total of 8stone 4 between us we feel comfortable in our new lifestyle and we are looking forward to participating in the Jane Tomlinson 10k races this coming year.


I have been over weight for the past 5 years and this has affected me in a number of ways. I was reluctant to socialise or walk into a room first, tried to hide behind people in photos and never wore a swimsuit on holidays. I was very unhappy and had tried a number of diets. Nothing seemed to work for a long time and I acknowledged that I was a middle aged woman and should accept that I looked like one.

I have joined local gyms in the past and wasted a lot on money on memberships as I didn’t feel comfortable with all the ‘perfect’ bodied around me.

I worked with Sharon and felt an instant rapport with her and I haven’t looked back since. My attitude to exercise has completely changed and I’ve found I love walking. My day isn’t complete now without my daily walk of anything from 30mins to an hour and a half, As a result of this I find I do not focus so much on food. This, together with my weekly Personal Training session with Sharon has helped me not only lose weight but tone up too. I have a way to go before I reach my target weight, but I know now, unlike my other dieting attempts, that it is achievable and not impossible.

The support I received from Sharon at my weekly sessions has played a huge part, encouraging me when I felt I couldn’t do anymore, offering dietary advice and, most importantly, the motivation to press on. In the beginning my self esteem was low but over the weeks Sharon ha changed all that. My confidence is improving all the time. This is not just about vanity but about quality of life. I now feel I could walk in a room by myself and hopefully by the summer I’ll be confident enough to enjoy my holiday, even donning a swimsuit and having a photo taken without covering up.

My advice to other people is – get yourself a Personal Trainer you won’t look back!

Martin Race

Prior to a knee operation (medial ligament) I realised from a chart in the hospital that 5’8 in height and 14.4 stone in weight, I was officially fat! Therefore as a semi active sport type person. I became concerned.

I do not like to exercise (gym type) , I do not look forward to the personal training sessions, it is only the level of professionalism and the effort of Sharon to plan variety, introduce interest and focus on personal goals that encourages me to continue

My achievements so far is maintaining engagement and the benefits associated with the running events I am involved with 7 or 8 times per year. Plus reducing the impact on my body of the appreciation I have for Red Wine.

My aim is to maintain a weight of around 13 stone 2lb despite being currently 13, 6 after hospitalisation for a minor op this year 2010. Run at below 8.5 minutes per mile. However being regularly weighed (once a week) should be introduced to the whole of the western world!

If personal training is something you are thinking about look at your finances, evaluate your habits, consider your aims and aspirations, I have improved my fitness highlighted by my improved run results over official 10k times compared to previous years, my medial ligament damage incurred 14 years previous has ached but significantly benefited from the regular exercise, together with my general health, my attendance record at work is exceptional.

I would also note that employers should be made aware of the contribution that professional trainers bring to not only personal goals and levels of fitness, but also more importantly to the contribution to the day to day drudgery some call work and the life style balances we aspire to achieve, which at certain stages allude us all, the benefits can be, if only a more positive outlook on life and whilst I will not admit to being a believer, they do outweigh the pain.

I (Martin Race) a small man, will not admit to being converted to a personal training regime, perhaps because of my struggle with my….. Working class background.

C Jackson C Eng

In 2010 I found I was obese, and knew had to lose weight. I travel extensively with work and found it very difficult to dedicate time to going to the gym. I also knew that gyms and health clubs just didn’t work for me and were expensive. I start off going regularly, but this would tail off to nothing after a few months. I also did not enjoy the gym atmosphere.

By using Sharon, I have the best of everything.

  • A personalised fitness regime, that suits my age, and capabilities
  • A flexible approach to appointments to fit in with my busy workload
  • A weekly training session plus scheduled daily activities
  • She commits me to weekly targets, which are achievable.
  • Continual help in changing my poor dietary regime.
  • Good humour, which is essential when dealing with me!

As a result of her efforts, I have lost 22 pounds. I have still some way to go, but I am fitter, have much greater stamina and feel so much healthier.

Looking for a personal fitness trainer? Hire Sharon as your personal trainer she covers many aspects from diet programs, exercise classes for pregnant women, group fitness training, weight loss, prenatal classes, dieting advice so for fitness at home or in your gym Sharon can accommodate as a professional personal trainer she is your first choice mobile personal trainer in Halifax, Yorkshire.

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